PRISM: Version 6.1.0 veröffentlicht

Die Prism-Bibilitohek wurde in der Version 6.1.0 veröffentlicht. Für die WPF-Version gibt es die folgenden Neuerungen:

  • Upgraded to Unity 4.0.1
  • Reverted NavigationParameters back to IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string, object>> (Breaking from 6.0)
  • Fixed issue #155: Bootstrapper.CreateShell is now virtual (no longer abstract)
  • Fixed issue #169: WindowStyle on PopupWindowAction for third party window is not working as expected.
  • Fixed Issue #170: Please provide one more extension method for UnityContainer to register type for navigation without a key (fixed for Unity, Autofac, and StructureMap)
  • Fixed Issue # 176: Experience error after upgrading to Unity 4

Hier die vollständigen Release-Notes:—6.1.0

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